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Most Common Questions

Discontinued Products

I have an old product, how do I get more information on it?

We’d love to share any information we have available to us! Please email a picture or two to

Do you still have replacement parts for my discontinued product?

If you don’t see your model listed online, we may still have parts available for purchase. To see if we still have a particular part, please contact customer service at (800)621-7613 or email us at

Do you have old decals available?

We no longer have any of the old decals available. If you have a steel wagon, we offer a decal for purchase. For more details, click here.

Do you have touch up paint/What paint should I use to refurbish my product?

Radio Flyer does not have paint available, as it is propriety. Paint that is similar, but not exact, in color may be purchased from a store using the PMS (Pantone Matching System) numbers below: Red: PMS 187 Dark Pink: PMS 1925C Light Pink: PMS 1905

Product Care

How do I clean my Product?

Cleaning depends on the type of product you own. The following are some cleaning suggestions. Please note, Radio Flyer does not recommend one cleaning product over another.

Steel & Wood Products:Clean with hot water and a mild detergent using a soft cloth, rinse with clean water and dry thoroughly. To protect the steel portion, we recommend that you apply a liquid car wax and buff it out once it is dried.

Plastic Products:Clean with hot water and a mild detergent using a soft bristled brush, rinse with clean water, and dry any metal parts thoroughly.

Wood Products: Clean with hot water and a mild detergent using a soft cloth, wipe down with clean water and dry thoroughly.

Will the weather affect my product/How should I store my product/Can I leave my product outside?

We do not recommend storing your products outside as the weather can affect the durability of any product. We recommend the following:

Steel & Wood Products: Store in a protected area away from humidity, rain and snow. If the product gets wet, make sure to dry thoroughly. For winter storage, coat the metal parts with a liquid car wax to prevent moisture from damaging the parts.

Plastic Products:Store away from long-term and / or direct sunlight as this may cause some color fading. The product should also be stored in an area that is cooler, as long term heat exposure can warp, de-form, and degrade the molded plastic

How do I wash my seat pads?

To clean the seat pads, without damaging them, we recommend wiping them down with a towel.

Replacement Parts

What is your return policy on replacement parts?

All of our Radio Flyer replacement parts orders placed on our website or through a representative are final. We do not offer any returns or exchanges on our replacement parts.

How do I purchase replacement parts?

Some of our most popular replacement parts for our most recent product line are available on our website here. Please choose the category from the drop down list and to see what products are available. You can also call Customer Service directly at (800)621-7613 for a complete list of replacement parts. Orders can be placed on our website or over the phone.

Do you ship replacement parts internationally?

Radio Flyer ships our replacement parts internationally. Please call Customer Service at (800)621-7613 to receive a shipping quote and to place your order.

I don’t see my product listed on your website; will the parts shown here work for my product?

Many of Radio Flyer’s replacement parts are specific to their model number. If you have a question as to whether or not a replacement part will fit your product specifically, please call Customer Service at (800)621-7613 or email at

Product Inquiries

My Radio Flyer product is missing parts, what should I do?

We apologize that you received your Radio Flyer product with a missing part(s). To place a replacement order under warranty, please fill out our Warranty Replacement Form, or contact customer service at (800)621-7613 or Please have your MD Number on hand when contacting Customer Service. Please click here to view where your MD Code/Model Number is located.

How do I remove a hubcap?

Please click here for methods on how to remove your hubcap.

Can I buy the Build a Product accessories?

The Build a Product accessories are exclusive for that product option. Due to the licensing and packaging of the accessories, we are unable to sell them individually. As more accessories are introduced to our product line, they can be found here for purchase.

Where is my MD code/Model Number?

Please click here to view where your MD Code/Model Number is located.

What is the difference between the classic tires and the air tires on the Build A Wagon, Build A Trike & Build A Balance Bike?

Classic tires roll smoothly on even surfaces and are manufactured from a high density foam material. All-terrain air tires offer the ultimate smooth ride on sidewalks, can travel rough terrain and are manufactured from rubber. They are both designed for a quiet ride and long lasting durability.

Online Shopping

There are multiple charges on my card. Does that mean I have multiple orders placed?

As long as you received one confirmation email with one Order Number listed, then only one order went through successfully. These charges on your card are pending authorizations tied to an unsuccessful attempt to make a purchase. For any order that failed, these authorizations will fall off of your account within 3-10 business days, depending on your bank.

Do you ship products internationally?

Radio Flyer does not currently ship products internationally. Please click here for a list of our international distributers.

Can I bill to an international address and ship within the US?

As long as your shipping address is within the United States, an order can be placed with an international billing address. To place a successful order, please contact Customer Service at 773-637-7100.

What is your return policy on products?

Return Policy for Products Returned items must be in new condition with their original packaging and can be returned within 30 days from the purchase date. All returns require an RMA, Return Merchandise Authorization number, which can be obtained by calling Customer Service at (800)621-7613. This RMA number must be clearly visible on the outside of the package upon return. Refunds are issued for the purchase of the item(s) returned in the form of a credit to be used on or to the original method of payment. Shipping charges for the delivery are not refundable. Customers are also responsible for the return shipping fee. Radio Flyer will not be responsible for items lost during shipping and cannot process the return until the product is received. Radio Flyer Return Policy for Build a Wagon and Build a Trike Personalized wagons may not be returned or exchanged except when due to a product defect. Wagon accessories purchased as part of your customized wagon order including canopies, storage kits, umbrellas and seat pad kits in new condition may be returned or exchanged within 30 days from the purchase date. Your Build a Trike can be returned when in new and unused condition within 30 days of your purchase date. All nameplates are final sale.

Careers at RF

Are there any job openings at Radio Flyer?

Radio Flyer is continuously looking for a good MATCH between the candidate and the position opportunity. For a full list of current openings, please visit the career section of our website.

How do I apply for a position?

For a full list of current openings, please visit the career section of our website. Here, you’ll have the ability to upload your resume.

What are the benefits of working at Radio Flyer?

Radio Flyer has many great benefits, including a wellness reimbursement to help make it easier to join your local gym, 2 paid days off per year to volunteer at your favorite charity, a collaborative work environment, and many more! For more details, please visit our Benefits section of our website.

Order Status

How can I check the status of my order?

If you have an account, you can track your order by logging in and going to your “Orders” page. If you do not have an account, you can call our Customer Service at (800)621-7613 or email us at Please provide the order number or name that the order was placed under and we will be able to give you the status of your order. You will receive an email confirmation, with your tracking number, once your order has been shipped.

How do I cancel my order?

If you would like to cancel your order, please contact Radio Flyer’s Customer Service Department at (800)621-7613 within 1 hour of placing your order. Cancelations can only be made during Customer Service’s business hours, which are Monday through Friday from 8:00am CST to 5:00pm CST.

How do I make changes to my order?

Radio Flyer allows edits on an existing order within 1 hour of placing your order. Please call Customer Service directly at (800)621-7613. Please have the credit card that you used for the initial order on hand.

Why do I have multiple charges for an order that went through once?

The multiple charges that you are seeing are pending authorizations. These authorizations are attempts and not official captures, and will drop from your statement within 3-10 business days, depending on your bank. These charges may have appeared due to multiple order attempts or a difference between the billing and shipping address. However, unless you have received multiple order numbers, only one order has been received in our system. If you would like to verify your order, please call Customer Service at (800)621-7613.


Do you offer wholesale/discount pricing for large orders?

At this time, Radio Flyer only offers wholesale/discount pricing to our retail partners. If you are interested in becoming a retail partner, please contact Account Services at (800)621-7613 to speak with a representative Monday through Friday 8am-5pm Central Standard Time. Or email anytime and someone will respond within 2 business days.

How do I make a donation request?

Radio Flyer will consider product donations based on the reason for the donation and availability. All requests for donations must be made in writing, either addressed to: Donations, Radio Flyer Inc. 6515 W Grand Ave Chicago, IL 60707, or sent via email to No phone calls will be accepted. All responses from Radio Flyer to donation request parties will be made in writing as well.

How do I contact Customer Service?

Radio Flyer Customer Service is available Monday through Friday 8am-5pm Central Standard Time, at (800)621-7613 or by email at We will return reply to your message within 1 business day.

Where can I locate instructional videos?

Our Helpful Hints videos can be found under the Ask tab at the top right of our website.