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Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program

How long are my points valid?

Points are valid within 2 years of activity from your account.

How do I maintain activity on my account?

There are many ways to ensure your account is active. Some examples include: purchase from, register a Radio Flyer product and product reviews

I was a member of the Birthday Club, how will I receive a $10 gift card for my child’s birthday?

Congratulations, you are now enrolled in the Little Red Club! Instead of receiving a $10 gift card, you will now get 250 points in the birthday month of every child you register. 250 points $10 off your next purchase on

How many children’s birthdays can I register to the club?

You can register up to 4 birthdays.

Can my points be combined with any additional promotions?

Points cannot be used in combinations with promotion codes.

How do I earn points?

You can earn points in a number of ways, including purchasing products on, registering your Radio Flyer product, writing a review on, celebrating a child’s birthday, referring a friend or liking us on Facebook through your account.

Do I need a Radio Flyer account in order to sign up for the Little Red Club?

Yes, signing up for a Radio Flyer account is necessary for maintaining your points received through the Little Red Club. You can sign up for an account here.

How many points will I earn when making a purchase on

Each time you purchase a product on, you earn points:

  • $1-$74.99 = 10 points
  • $75-$149.99 = 25 points
  • $150-224.99 = 50 points
  • $225-299.99 = 100 points
  • $300 or more = 150 points
Can I get points on shipping and taxes?

No, all points are rewarded for the total of an order before shipping and taxes, and after promotional discounts are applied.

How do I redeem my points?

When you are ready to check out on, there will be a drop down box containing the increments available for you to use on your order. Simply choose how many you would like to use on the current order and proceed with your checkout.

Can I transfer my points to another member?

No, you cannot transfer points to anyone else. You must be logged into your account to redeem your points.

How many points can I redeem at once?

You may redeem up to 750 points on an order. This equates to $30 off the subtotal of your order.

How do I earn points for liking Radio Flyer on Facebook?

When you visit your account page on, you will see a link on your unique page. Click on the link to connect to Facebook and like our page! Please note: this function is only supported by the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. This means that if you are running older versions of Internet Explorer (e.g. IE 1.6, 1.7 or 1.8) or any version of Opera, you cannot use the Facebook Like button. This is a requirement imposed by Facebook and its integration with third-party applications.

What if I have already liked Radio Flyer’s page prior to joining the club?

Before logging into your account page on, unlike our page on Facebook. Once on your account dashboard page, click on the link to connect to Facebook and like our page!

Can I earn points for following Radio Flyer on Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter?

At this time, you cannot earn points by interacting with Radio Flyer on Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter. You also will not earn points for liking posts through Facebook.

Is it possible to lose points?

Yes, if you return a product purchased on, the points that were earned will be deducted from your account.

Do I have to be logged into my account to receive points for online purchases?

Yes, in order to earn points for purchases, please ensure you log in prior to checking out.

Can I get points for past purchases?

No, points are only issued for purchases after the launch of Little Red Club and once a member has enrolled.

How can I cancel my membership with the Little Red Club?

We are sorry to hear you no longer wish to be a part of Little Red Club. For assistance in removal, please contact customer service at (800)621-7613 or

How many product reviews can I write?

You can earn points for up to 10 product reviews per account.

How many friends can I refer?

You can earn points for up to 20 referrals that sign up for the Little Red Club.

How many accounts are allowed per household or person?

One Loyalty account is allowed per billing address.