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Maintaining Products


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Maintaining Products

Can I clean my Product?

Cleaning depends on the type of product you own. The following are some cleaning suggestions. Please note, Radio Flyer does not recommend one cleaning product over another.

Steel & Wood Products:Clean with hot water and a mild detergent using a soft cloth, rinse with clean water and dry thoroughly. To protect the steel portion, we recommend that you apply a liquid car wax and buff it out once it is dried.

Plastic Products:Clean with hot water and a mild detergent using a soft bristled brush, rinse with clean water, and dry any metal parts thoroughly.

Wood Products: Clean with hot water and a mild detergent using a soft cloth, wipe down with clean water and dry thoroughly.

Will the weather affect my product/How should I store my product/Can I leave my product outside?

We do not recommend storing your products outside as the weather can affect the durability of any product. We recommend the following:

Steel & Wood Products: Store in a protected area away from humidity, rain and snow. If the product gets wet, make sure to dry thoroughly. For winter storage, coat the metal parts with a liquid car wax to prevent moisture from damaging the parts.

Plastic Products:Store away from long-term and / or direct sunlight as this may cause some color fading. The product should also be stored in an area that is cooler, as long term heat exposure can warp, de-form, and degrade the molded plastic

How do I wash my seat pads?

To clean the seat pads, without damaging them, we recommend wiping them down with a towel.

What if my product gets wet?

We recommend drying off your product immediately to avoid rust on metal components and hardware.

How do I wash the Soft, Rock and Bounce Pony fabric cover?

To clean the soft, rock and bounce pony fabric covers, we recommend placing them in a pillow case prior to putting them in the washer. Machine wash cold and line dry to avoid fraying.

Where can I donate used Radio Flyer toys?

You can give new life to used toys by donating them for resale to charity thrift stores or by donating them to local shelters, hospitals, preschools, nurseries, or church charities. Check locally for more options.