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Product Parts

Replacement Parts

What is your return policy on replacement parts?

All of our Radio Flyer replacement parts orders placed on our website or through a representative are final. We do not offer any returns or exchanges on our replacement parts.

How do I purchase replacement parts?

Some of our most popular replacement parts for our most recent product line are available on our website here. Please choose the category from the drop down list and to see what products are available. You can also call Customer Service directly at (800)621-7613 for a complete list of replacement parts. Orders can be placed on our website or over the phone.

Do you ship replacement parts internationally?

Radio Flyer ships our replacement parts internationally. Please call Customer Service at (800)621-7613 to receive a shipping quote and to place your order.

I don’t see my product listed on your website; will the parts shown here work for my product?

Many of Radio Flyer’s replacement parts are specific to their model number. If you have a question as to whether or not a replacement part will fit your product specifically, please call Customer Service at (800)621-7613 or email at

What is your warranty policy?

Our toys come with 1 year warranty coverage for manufacturing defects. You can register your toy here for a free second year coverage. Please click here for full details on our warranty policy

Product Inquiries

My Radio Flyer product is missing parts, what should I do?

We apologize that you received your Radio Flyer product with a missing part(s). To place a replacement order under warranty, please fill out our Warranty Replacement Form, or contact customer service at (800)621-7613 or Please have your MD Number on hand when contacting Customer Service. Please click here to view where your MD Code/Model Number is located.

How do I remove a hubcap?

Please click here for methods on how to remove your hubcap.

Can I buy the Build a Product accessories?

The Build a Product accessories are exclusive for that product option. Due to the licensing and packaging of the accessories, we are unable to sell them individually. As more accessories are introduced to our product line, they can be found here for purchase.

Where is my MD code/Model Number?

Please click here to view where your MD Code/Model Number is located.

How can I get measurements on a product?

We’d be happy to provide you with measurements on our products! Please contact us at (800)621-7613 or with the product you would like measurements on.

What is your warranty policy?

Our toys come with 1 year warranty coverage for manufacturing defects. You can register your toy here for a free second year coverage. Please click here for full details on our warranty policy.

Do your products contain BPA?

We do not use BPA in any of our products.

Do your products contain Latex?

We do not use Latex in any of our products.

Do your products meet safety standards?

All of our products meet the industry standards and regulatory standards. Our products are also tested against our own internal Radio Flyer standard that goes above and beyond those set forth by the industry to ensure that we create safe products.

Can I attach a push handle?

The push handles we have available are not universal and cannot attach to any trike. Your trike must have been initially manufactured with the predrilled slot on the frame in order to have a push handle attached securely.

Can I change the wheels on my product for the air/classic wheels?

The wheels on our products are not interchangeable as each of our products have unique measurements based off of their original design.

Why does my product look different than the picture?

Radio Flyer constantly reviews its product and components for quality. Sometimes this requires us to make minor changes to a product in mid-production, and time restrictions do not allow for the appropriate changes on the carton artwork.

Are the hubcaps reusable?

Radio Flyer hubcaps are designed to remain secure once they are applied. Therefore, removing the hubcap would destroy its function. If you need replacements, please visit our Replacement Parts section, or call us at (800)621-7613.

How can I get instruction sheets for my product?

Instruction sheets can be found here . If you cannot locate instruction sheets for your particular product, please email Customer Service with your model number and/or a picture of your product.

Do you have a catalog?

Radio Flyer no longer prints physical catalogs to be more eco-friendly. Our current product line can be found on our website by clicking here.

Do you have a parts catalog?

Radio Flyer's product line is extensive, and at this time a parts catalog is not available. Please click here to view a portion of the replacement parts we have available for purchase.

Odor from the wheels

We recommend that you wash the wheels in hot soapy water and that you temporarily leave the toy outdoors. The rubber smell will dissipate with usage and time. It is important to note that the odor from the rubber wheels is not harmful and that Radio Flyer uses natural rubber to manufacture its tires.

Are your products recyclable?

Once disassembled, Radio Flyer products are recyclable. Please consult your local recycling center for specific instructions.

How can I get a free second year warranty?

To register your product for a free second year warranty, please visit our Product Registration section on our website. You will need your Model number and Manufacture Date (MD) number to register. If you have any complications, please contact customer service at (800)621-7613 or and we can register it for you over the phone.

I have an idea for a new product. How can I submit it?

We accept submissions from professional inventors only. Please use our inventor submission form if you would like to submit an idea.